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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

:: Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang ::

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On hiatus for the last 4 years after the disappointing "It Ain't Safe No More," Busta comes back hard with his first album, "The Big Bang," off Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint. Now for all you serious heads out there I don't even have to tell you how much work went behind this joint. Originally slated for a December '05 release and with numerous "fake" leaks, we FINALLY get the real deal and trust me it ain't a sleeper. Enlisting a team of all-star producers (Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, DJ Scratch, Sha Money XL, Green Lantern, J. Dilla-RIP, E-Double, Timbaland, and more) the beats on this album are just BONKERS.
By now anybody who listens to hip hop has heard the commercial club banger, "Touch It," but don't get it twisted, The Big Bang isn't just straight commercial hip hop bullshit. "Been Through The Storm" features the legendary Stevie Wonder, and is perhaps one of my fav tracks on the album. This joint is like Busta's track for his mom's and pop's, where he takes us back to the days when he first came to America, growing up in the ghetto and the struggles he overcame. On "Cocaina" Busta just basically breaks it down for ya like he's the SHIT (the drug that overdoses mofo's) - it's just got one of those sick headnoddin beats. And the last track I'll speak on is "Goldmine." GODDAMN!!! this track is SICK!!! it's back to the old skool Raekwon that we all fell in love with (no homo). With the beat produced by E-Dub you know its a banger, both Busta and Rae are on point with the lyrics, and if this is what these guys do together I can't WAIT for "Cuban Linx II" cuz if you don't already know, Busta is Exec Prod. on Rae's new shit.

Definately check this album, and if you like it, which I KNOW you will, go cop that at your local music store on June 13...let's support artists who actually put out quality music and take the time to perfect their shit, so we don't have to skip every other track!


01) "Get You Some" (featuring Q-Tip & Marsha of Floetry) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
02) "Touch It" (Produced By Swizz Beatz)
03) "This Is How We Do It Over Here" (featuring Missy Elliott) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
04) "New York Shit" (featuring Swizz Beatz) (Produced By DJ Scratch)
05) "Been Through The Storm" (featuring Stevie Wonder) (Produced By Sha Money XL)
06) "In the Ghetto" (featuring Rick James) (Produced By DJ Green Lantern)
07) "Cocaina" (featuring Marsha of Floetry) (Produced By Rick Rock)
08) "You Can't Hold a Torch" (featuring Q-Tip & Chauncey Black) (Produced By J Dilla)
09) "Goldmine" (featuring Raekwon) (Produced By Erick Sermon)
10) "I Love My Bitch" (featuring Kelis & will.i.am) (Produced By will.i.am)
11) "Don't Get Carried Away" (featuring Nas) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
12) "They're Out to Get Me" (featuring Mr. Porter) (Produced By Denaun Porter)
13) "Get Down" (Produced By Timbaland)
14) "I'll Do It All" (featuring LaToya Jackson) (Produced By Jelly Roll)
15) "Legend of the Fall Offs" (Produced By Dr. Dre)

Bonus Tracks:

16) I Love My Bitch Remix (featuring Kelis)
17) I'll Hurt You
18) Ping
19) Rough Around The Edges (featuring Nas)
20) Touch It Remix (featuring DMX)
21) Where's Your Money? (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard)

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