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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

:: Randomness ::

Just uploaded a bunch of stuff for myself to transfer between different computers.. figure I'd share.

It's random new stuff.. don't remember what i zipped, but there's like 800mb of isshhh... some singles from Gotty at smokingsection.net and albums from all over... check it out if you want

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Friday, January 19, 2007

:: Best Of '06 - 4th Quarter ::

While I think 2006 was a disappointing year of Hip Hop music for us all, there were a few bright spots that kept the game alive.
See my picks below for my Best of '06.

My best will be broken down into 4 posts (what quarter the album was released).
Notoriously, 4th Quarter hip hop has ALWAYS shined, and 2006 was no different:

The 4th Quarter Fav's
PW: bootisconnex

AZ - The Format - October

The Game - Doctor's Advocate - November

Snoop Dogg - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment - November

Styles P - Time Is Money - December

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead - December

Links and Reviews are on the way...

Peace Outside!!!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

:: Tell 'Em Why You Mad ::

Yea I'm pissed... let's start by saying F**K Windows Media Player.
So, part of the reason I have been a ghost for so long is cuz I was having madd issues with my PC... HDD issues, Internet issues, just an old piece of crap computer that I didn't want to deal with anymore.

Still with the same PC, I decided to wipe clean my whole drive... and I don't mean just a format and reinstall... I'm talkin a full out santize of it.

As I prepare for my comeback to the blog game, I have my library of music all ready to go, organized all nicely in a folder.. viewing the thumbnail so I can see each Album Cover, u know how it do, my ishh gotta look good and be organized.

And now for why I'm mad, esp. at WM Player.
After reinstallin all my software and what not, I finally got back on the net. Now, I forgot to uncheck that option in WM player to update info and files from the net. This stupid ass program effed up all my music folders, copied over my album covers, and EFFED up my ID3 tags... pissed I tell you... PISSED!!

Okay now I'm done venting... wait not yet... 1st Quarter Hip Hop SUCKS!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

:: The Ghost ::

Been a ghost for too too long... gonna try to bring it back... hope ppl still come thru... check for a new post b4 weeks end


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

:: The Ultimate Dead Prez Post ::

The Bootis Connection

I know I am a day late, but as promised here is the next installment of Bootis' Ultimate Posts...Dead Prez!!

Known most for their politically charged lyrics, Dead Prez have been in the game for a while now trying to educate the hip hop generation. Made up of 2 members, Sticman and M-1, Dead Prez joined forces in 1990 at Florida A&M. Yes folks, these cats ain't the uneducated (street) thugs we so often read about and see all over the small screen...these in fact are some educated men. While most artists are worried about the hoes, the cars and the almighty dollar bill, Dead Prez have made it a point to exploit the exploiters in the business. Whether it be tackling topics of racism, governmental hypocrisy or perhaps their most notable "control over the media outlets that provide us" music and entertainment.

Getting their upstart on Loud Records, it was difficult for 2 fairly unknown rappers to break through and get the attention they deserved. Think about it, back in the mid-90's who were YOU more likely to listen to, Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep or some guys talkin bout politikin and ishhh??

Anyway, somewhere around '99-2G everyone who is anyone in hip hop quickly found out who these guys were and knew they meant business with the drop of "Hip Hop" Following the release of the single, their debut album, Let's Get Free, dropped. While sales weren't chart toppers, this album is known as a classic amongst true heads.

After obvious political and label drama (Loud Records fold) DP went out and dropped their 2nd piece of work...an independent mixtape called Turn Off Your Radio Vol. 1 in 2002. To this day I'm STILL bumpin the title track...ILL to say the least, you gotta check it out for yourself though....

what's on the radio, propaganda, mind control
and turnin it on is like puttin on a blindfold,
cuz when you bring the real, you don't get rotation,
unless you take over the station!!

In 2k3, the year of 5-0 snitch, DP came up with the follow up mixtape, Get Free Or Die Tryin (Turn Off The Radio The Mixtape Vol 2). While not meant to be a stab at the G-Unit general, at least not known to the general public, I think DP got the point across that they weren't nethin like that bullissshh...when they say "Turn off the Radio, Turn off that bullisshh" you know what kinda hip hop they're talkin about.

Nearly 4 years since they revealed the Matrix to mainstream hip hop, DP settled their label issues and dropped, Revolutionary But Gangsta, or RBG. Some 'fans' criticized DP for becoming too 'gangsta' on RBG, leaving behind their "revolutionary" lyrics that they made a career out of. If you ask me, these 'fans' completeley missed the point of this album. While not as good as say Let's Get Free, this album was more of an extension of them as people, as rappers. I think the title is very appropriate...I may be down for the revolution, but don't fuck with me cause I can still bust your skull....I may be educated, but I still gotta do what I gotta do and if you hold me down cause of my race, I'll bust your skull!
People have to remember, M-1 and Sticman may be educated, may have deep lyrics, but they are still street....the people that listen to them are street...the people they wish to educate and speak to are street....use your head!

Now that I'm done my little rant I'll just put you on to some music. I have included M-1's solo joint for those of you who don't have it yet. I have already spoke on this back when it dropped so I ain't gonna repeat myself...its different but dope leave it at that. As well I have included the album Dead Prez collaborated with Outlawz (2pac's old crew) which dropped this summer. Check it out, gimme your thoughts, to tell you the truth I haven't played it more than once, not cause it wasn't good, because I haven't had the time.

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2000 - Let's Get Free

2002 - Turn Off The Radio Vol. 1

2003 - Get Free Or Die Tryin (Turn Off The Radio Vol. 2)

2004 - Revolutionary But Gangsta

M-1 - 2006 - Confidential

DP & Outlawz - 2006 - Can't Sell Dope Forever

Until next time peoples...Enjoy!!