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Friday, April 28, 2006

:: Game Over Compilations ::

These are 2 pretty rare compilation albums, the first one is courtesy of BiffReagz, the second from me :). Also, check out the flyer below...3 of my boyz are performing tomorrow night (Apr 29) at The Kathedral in Toronto...so if you're in the area come by and check out the show.

The Bootis Connection

1. Hellbound - Eminem, J-Black, Masta Ace
2. Super Brooklyn [BQ Mix] - Mista Cheeks, Smif N Wessun
3. Que Que - Tomorrow's Weapons
4. Roll Wit Me - Good Home Gangstas
5. U R Who? - Illa Noize
6. Creep - J-Mel, Rah Bump, Royal Flush
7. Chica Bonita - JNJ Project
8. Mamita - S.U.
9. Puff Harder - JNJ Project, Mista Cheeks
10. You Can't Take Me Out - Smif N Wessun
11. Spread It Out - Masta Ace
12. Petrified - Dhark Citi
13. Think Like Street - Rah Fese
14. Punch Out ... - Most Talented, Xun Tsu
15. Game Over - J-Black, Jugga, P Dap, Smif N Wessun

Get this album over at Biff's Hip Hop Section.
Game Over I

The Bootis Connection

1. Intro Welcome 2 Hip-Hop - Game Over II
2. Flame On - Big Daddy Kane
3. On Da Run - Craig Mack
4. Brownsville BK - Master Fuol
5. If U Luv - Das EFX
6. Hip Hop Connection PT.2 - Game Over II
7. Da Livest Shhht - Deacon Da Villain/Mr. Raw
8. Whats Da Flavor - Heltah Skeltah
9. Rap 2K1 - Masta Ace
10. If U Only Knew - KRS-One
11. Get Da Game Right - Agallah/Ike Eyes
12. Spark Dat - Channel Live/Benny Boom/Truck Turner
13. God On The Line - Game Over II
14. Mobb N**gaz - Imfamous Mobb
15. Code Of Da Street - K Solo
16. Gulley Affair - P Dap/Glaze New York
17. Bout Business Mo!@#ucker - Game Over II
18. Pay Like U Way - Jeru The Damaja/Big Dap/Out Loud
19. Recognize My Gangster - Truck Turner/Storm
20. Do It - Royal Flush
21. Things On My Mind - Punch Line/Wordsworth
22. Round Em Up - Tonedef
23. Dew 2 - Game Over II
24. Game Over - Heltah Skeltah/DAS EFX/Glaze NY/
P Dap/Substantial/Loose/Agallah/Hakim/Tuffy/Masta Ace/Misery

Game Over II
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:: Money Won't Stop Music ::

The Bootis Connection

Wut up y'all!! Just lettin you know this Saturday (April 29) my boyz Jon Doe, Cheiko and Century Sam, a.k.a Money Won't Stop Music, will be performing at The Kathedral (Big Bop) 651 Queen Street W. So if you are in the Greater Toronto Area come swing by and check out 3 of the realest MC's comin out of Canada this year. Also performing: Logikal Ethix, Unknown Mizery, and Corrupted Nostalgia.

This is a 19+ event and its $10 at the door. Come show your support and remember, Money Will NEVER Stop Music!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

:: The Ultimate Boot Camp Clik Update # 4 ::

Updated Below in the Ultimate B.C.C. post:

Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal
Heltah Skeltah - Magnum Force
Rock - The Awol Soldier
Rock - Veternz Day
Sean Price - Donkey Sean Jr.
Sean Price - Monkey Barz
O.G.C. - Da Storm
O.G.C. - The M-Pire Shrikez Back
Representativz - Angels of Death
Duck Down - The Compilation

And Soooooo comes an end to the B.C.C. post. Hope you enjoyed it :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

:: The Ultimate Boot Camp Clik Update # 3 ::

Updated Below in the Ultimate B.C.C. post:

Smif 'N' Wessun - Dah Shinin'
Smif 'N' Wessun (As Cocoa Brovaz) - The Rude Awakening
Smif 'N' Wessun - Tek & Steele: Reloaded

Enjoy :) More Boot Camp to come!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

:: The Ultimate Boot Camp Clik Update # 2 ::

Updated Below in the Ultimate B.C.C. post:

Buckshot - The BDI Thug
Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Chemistry
Tek (Of Smif 'N' Wessun) - It Is What It Is (The Street Album)
Smif 'N' Wessun - Still Shinin (Mixed By DJ Revolution)

Sorry for interupting with such crap yesterday...that Mobb Deep album is kinda weak...Im not surprised but very disappointed...it doesn't even seem like Havoc produced that much of the album and if he did, he's slippin. I can't even comment on Prodigy's lyrics...they are just terrible...its like dude forgot how to rap...Ill just blame it on the sickle cell.

Enjoy :) More Boot Camp to come!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

:: Mobb Deep - Blood Money ::

Sorry for the second interuption of the BCC post but I had to post this...my buddy just hooked me up with this link so I don't know where it came from...but anyway for all your enjoyment here is the new MOBB DEEP!!!!

The Bootis Connection


:: The Ultimate Boot Camp Clik Update # 1 ::

Updated Below in the Ultimate B.C.C. post:

Black Moon - Enta Da Stage
Black Moon - Diggin In Dah' Vaults
Black Moon - War Zone
Black Moon - Total Eclipse

Enjoy :) More Boot Camp to come!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

:: The Points :: Greatest Collabo Track Of All Time ::

The Bootis Connection

Sorry guys I just could NOT resist interupting the Boot Camp post for this. So, as I was searchin around YouTube for another Boot Camp video I stumbled along a song that I haven't heard in years, but have possessed since '96. 'The Points' was featured on the soundtrack to "Panther," a movie starring a young Bokeem Woodbine, Angela Bassett, and Chris Rock to name a few. Now, I know y'all have heard the track 'Flava In Ya Ear' by Craig Mack, heard how it was the "Greatest" collabo song of all time, and now how Busta Rhymes has dropped his 2006 version, 'Touch It Remix', but doesn't anybody know wut the hell they talkin bout??? Probably because it was supporting a movie about the Black Panther Party, or the heavy political tone of the song, 'The Points' never hit the mainstream or became known as one the "great" collabos. Back in '95, it was released for the movie soundtrack, but only the edited/cut back version made it to the actual release and music video (as seen above). This here, however, is the single which features a 9 minute original cut of the song and boasters an enormous cast including: Notorious B.I.G., Coolio, Doodlebug (of Digable Planets), Big Mike, Buckshot, Redman, Menace Clan, Heltah Skeltah, Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, Busta Rhymes, 5th Ward, and Jamal. Now if you ask me, THAT is the greatest collabo track of all time, but don't take my word for it, check it out yourselves!!!!

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I'll get back to the Boot Camp Post Tomorrow :)

:: The Ultimate Boot Camp Clik Post ::

This is the ULTIMATE Boot Camp Clik Post courtesy of The Bootis Connection...go tell ur friends cuz u ain't seeing anybody do it like this!!!!!!!

The Bootis Connection

Arguably the GREATEST hip-hop super group of all time, the Boot Camp Clik have been doing it big since the early 90's. Consisting of 4 groups or 10 members (Black Moon: Buckshot, Evil Dee, 5ft.-- Smif-N-Wessun: Tek & Steele-- Heltah Skeltah: Ruck & Rock--O.G.C.: Starang Wondah, Louieville Sluggah, Top Dog) this is one super group without a weak link. Hailing from the birth place of hip hop, Brooklyn, NY, the B.C.C. have struggled to make it mainstream, but have gathered a cult-like following in the underground scene.
Over the past few years the group has seen many problems. Shortly after their critically acclaimed release, Dah Shinin', Smif N Wessun were sued by the gun company "Smith and Wesson" under copyright infringment for the use of their name. In '96 the group was forced to change their name and decided be known as the Cocoa Brovaz (terrible choice if u ask me). After a lengthy court battle, Tek & Steele beat the gun company and once again became Smif N Wessun in 2005.
Following harsh reviews from their sophomore LP, Magnum Force, Heltah Skeltah member Rock, left his partner Ruck and the entire Boot Camp fam to pursue his solo career, sighting creative differences with the promotion and production of past BCC efforts. It seems like Rock has come to his senses and rejoined the group, since he has been recording for the upcoming album, The Last Stand, which is scheduled for release later this year.
After coming strong in the '05 with the triple threat package (Monkey Barz, Chemistry, Reloaded) I can't wait to see what happens in '06 with the whole camp back together again....Keep a look out!!!!!!!!

Pass 4 All: www.bootisconnex.blogspot.com

Boot Camp Clik
1997 - For The People
2000 - Basic Training: Greatest Hits
2002 - Search & Recover Pt. 1
2002 - Best of BCC Freestyles: Mixed By Tony Touch
2003 - The Chosen Few
2004 - Puss 'N' Boots Soundtrack
2006 - BCC & Justus League: NC To Bucktown

Black Moon
1993 - Enta Da Stage
1996 - Diggin' In Da Vaults
1999 - War Zone
1999 - Buckshot: The BDI Thug
2003 - Total Eclipse
2005 - Buckshot & 9th Wonder: Chemistry

Smif 'N' Wessun
1995 - Dah Shinin'
1998 - The Rude Awakening
2004 - Still Shinin'
2005 - Tek - It Is What It Is
2005 - Tek & Steele: Reloaded

Heltah Skeltah
1996 - Nocturnal
1998 - Magnum Force
2002 - Rock aka Rockness Monsta - The Awol Soldier
2002 - Rock aka Rockness Monsta - Veteranz Day
2005 - Ruck aka Sean Price - Donkey Sean Jr.
2005 - Ruck aka Sean Price - Monkey Barz

1996 - Da Storm
1999 - The M-Pire Shrikez Back

1999 - Duck Down: The Compilation
1999 - Representativz: Angels of Death

Friday, April 14, 2006

:: Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes Meets Bedstuy ::

Mash Up of Sinatra beats and B.I.G. a capella's!!

The Bootis Connection


:: A Tribute To Fallen MC's ::

In light of Proof's untimely death this past week and given that it is Good Friday/Easter weekend, I figured it would be a good time to pay tribute to those MC's we have lost over the years.


The Bootis Connection
September 7, 1964 - March 26, 1995
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The Bootis Connection
June 16, 1971 to September 13, 1996
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The Bootis Connection
May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997
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The Bootis Connection
May 30, 1974 - February 15, 1999
Pass: www.bootisconnex.blogspot.com

The Bootis Connection
May 14, 1971 - March 28, 1999
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The Bootis Connection
November 10, 1971 - February 7, 2000
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The Bootis Connection
September 9, 1977-November 26, 2003
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The Bootis Connection
November 15, 1968 - November 13, 2004
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The Bootis Connection
October 2, 1975 – April 11, 2006
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

:: Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere ::

I guess today is just a good day for new drops...Cee-Lo & Dangermouse courtesty of Boza @ Tha-Industry.net...YEAH!!!
**Edit: New Fresh link posted...my apologies to Boza

The Bootis Connection


1. Go-Go Gadget Gospel
2. Crazy
3. St. Elsewhere
4. Gone Daddy Gone
5. Smiley Faces
6. The Boogie Monster
7. Feng Shui
8. Just A Thought
9. Transformer
10. Who Cares
11. On-Line
12. Necromancing
13. Storm Coming
14. The Last Time


:: Hood Surgeon (Dr. Dre's Son) - The Autopsy Mixtape ::

See the resemblance...lol Lil DRE!!! You ain't gonna find this at too many other spots so give some props and visit some sponsors!!!

The Bootis Connection


01. Murder (0:06)
02. Dead Body (0:14)
03. Autopsy in the Flesh (2:12)
04. Coroner (0:21)
05. Malpractice (3:30)
06. Bullets (0:04)
07. I Can Feel it (3:34)
08. Fast Money (Feat. King T & Dr. Dre) (2:49)
09. West Side (Feat. David Banner) (4:05)
10. Drive by (0:35)
11. Wit' Me or Against Me (Frank Lee White) (3:53)
12. Test Drive (3:42)
13. Fast Lane (3:20)
14. Tha Take Over (3:20)
15. Cold as Ice (4:39)
16. So Hood (Interlude) (0:11)
17. Hood Banger (4:13)
18. Absolute (Ron Artest, Challace) (1:45)
19. Show 'em What Up (3:57)
20. Compton City (1:18)
21. Non Stop (3:30)
22. I'm Hood Surgeon (1:10)
23. Outro (0:20)

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:: From IL Back To NY ::

The Bootis Connection

Okay for the last post of the MC's to check in the '06 we had to come back to the NYC. Remember that cat that ripped up 106 & Park's freestyle friday 7 weeks in a row? The one who did it first and the reason why they had to come up with that whole hall of fame sh*t. His name was Postaboy and while many people thought he just fell off and couldn't make the transition from battle rap to LP rap, the man was actually goin thru some things and had to put the rap game on hold. Its been 2 years since the days of 106 and for Postaboy its probably felt like a lifetime. Straight outta 106, Postaboy signed with Universal/Fo'Reel, but the deal was botched due to mismanagement and lack of promotion; Posta then had to endure the loss of his brother in the 9/11 attacks in NY; to top it all off, Posta was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the original Mr. 106 has battled back from all adversity, with 2 new mixtapes and has beaten the cancer that almost took his life. Poised to drop his debut album, Live From The Emergency Room, check Postaboy to do some damage in the '06.

Pass: tunes

The Bootis Connection

Last but most definitely not least...Saigon. If you never heard of this dude, you better do some research. This MC is a true product of an F'ed up U.S society. By age 11 dude was sellin weed; by 13, part of a gang and by the age of 15 Saigon had already been involved in 2 shootings, which he received jail time for. This kid was basically raised by the NY penal system, spending the remainder of his teenage years behind bars. After being released from prison in '99 Saigon hit the mixtape circuit hard and made a name for himself in NY. You can now find a Saigon all over mixtapes, on HBO and still sometimes on the news. Earlier this year some dude tried to steal his chain, stabbin him in the head with a beer bottle. Saigon didnt want to get blood in his Benz so he tried to hail a cab (isn't it hard enuff tryin to hail a cab in NYC being black man, but tryin to get one while your covered in blood from a stab wound to the head???). So ya obviously he wasn't picked up so he drove himself to the hospital. Anyway, this cats rhyme skills are amazing so check him out....summer 06 The Greatest Story Never Told!!!

Pass: million

Hope y'all enjoyed my Top 10 MC's to watch for in 2k6. I'd love to hear some feedback of what you think, who should or shudnt have been on there, anyone I missed or whatever...just hit me up in the comments :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

:: From PA to IL ::

The Bootis Connection

Lupe Fiasco (pronounced LOO-PAY) is a new and upcoming MC hailing from the Chi. First hitting it big when he appeared on fellow Chi-town artist and friend, Kanye West's Touch The Sky, Lupe has actually been around longer than most think. If not the crazy mixtape series, Fahrenheit 1/15, Lupe has also been seen doing tracks with Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor and Ghostface Killah. His debut album, Lupe's Food & Liquor, hits stores sometime this year and is executive produced by Jay-Z. Check out the lead single playin up top, Kick Push!!

Pass: playlists

The Bootis Connection

A long time friend of Kanye West, and another Chi-town MC, GLC was one of the first artists signed to the G.O.O.D Music label. He was featured on Kanye's first album on the track, Spaceship, as well as the second album on, Drive Slow. GLC's debut is suppose to drop August of this year so keep a look out.

Pass: explore

Tomorrow, Saigon and Posta Boy will finish off back in NYC!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

:: From NY to PA ::

Philly STAND UP!!! On our 3rd day of the New MC's post we move from New York, one state south to Pennsylvania.

The Bootis Connection

First up from Philly we got this kid Cyssero A.K.A Rockstar. I first heard this guy spit on those "2 Raw For The Streets" Dvd's, battle mofo's and straight killin them. Apparently, Cyssero got his break when he snuck backstage at one of The Game's concerts, went right up to the man and started spittin lyrics. Well word is that Game was feelin him SO much that he got up and threw his Blackwallstreet chain on Cyss and said welcome to the fam. One thing I can say is this kid's got lyrics and can battle, but only time will tell if he can be one of the few MC's who can switch over from the battle rap scene to the LP's.

Pass: music

The Bootis Connection

Another Philly MC we all must look out for his this cat G.A.G.E. The next protege of the good Dr. Dre, G.A.G.E. is reppin his new Aftermath home to the fullest. This mixtape is the first I ever heard of him, but if he consistently lays down music like this then I'ma definately keep checkin for him. With Dre hookin up the beats its pretty hard not to produce bangaz, but once again only time will tell if this MC can fill the shoes of those before him (The Game, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg).

Pass: biggest

Check back tomorrow when we be gettin blown over to the windy city...Chi-Town Wut up!!

:: Breaking Newz ::

This morning at 4:30am, rapper Proof of D-12 was shot and killed outside Detroit nightclub Triple C. Born Deshaun Holton, the 32 year old was taken to Holy Cross Hospital where he was pronouced dead on arrival. Another man, 35, also involved in the shooting is now said to be in critical condition, after both himself and Proof received gunshots to the head. Most known as a member of Eminem's group D-12, Proof was a prominent and legendary figure in the Detroit rap scene. Not one to duck and dodge his PJ's once he hit big, Proof was often found hosting MC battles at Detroit's Hip Hop Shop. After dropping D-12's debut Devil's Night in 2001, followed by D-12 World in 2004, Proof went on to release his debut solo effort, Searching For Jerry Garcia just last year. This MC will truely be missed.

******RIP Proof******

:: G-Unit Radio 18-20 ::

Just a little interuption from the New MC's...these G-Unit Radio Mixtapes JUST leaked tonight...I actually would have had them up earlier but it seems that Blogger has been having some issues. Anyway, here are the mixtapes courtesty of Boza and Gangsta08 @ www.tha-industry.net!!

The Bootis Connection

Spider Loc#18

The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection

Mobb Deep#20

Monday, April 10, 2006

:: New Faces Of NYC ::

Continuin on as promised, here are my next 2 MC's to watch out for in 2k6.
**EDIT: I've been requested to publish all passwords for the files as my "advertising trick" doesn't seem to rub too well with the visitors. To tell you the truth, if leechin ass ppl would show some thanks to ppl who post these links then that sh*t wouldnt be necessary. If you like my blog give propz & visit some ads, if you don't or have a problem with the way I do things, f&ck off and go find somewhere else to leech**

The Bootis Connection

Bringing back good old New York hip hop, nobody rep's their set quite like Papoose. "I got Staten Island on my pinky, Queens on my thumb dude, the Bronx on my middle finger screamin F&CK YOU, rock ice in Manhattan so there's the ring finger, you know I had to keep Brooklyn on the trigger finger." By now you all heard of this cat from Busta's Touch It remix, but Papoose has been ALL over NYC droppin mixtapes like bombs with Kay Slay/Streetsweepers. Right now the kid is making so much dough offa his mixtape sales we have yet to see "Nacirema Dream" drop, hopefully soontime, maybe second quarter 06?

Pass: transferring

The Bootis Connection

The fourth MC to check out is also reppin NYC and inked with a prominent New York DJ. Word on the wire, when Stack Bundles came on the seen EVERYONE wanted a piece of him, hence the name of this mixtape. After first signing with Arista and layin down tracks with Kanye, Stacks deal fell thru and was back on the streets, again choppin his tape. It wasn't long before Stacks and The Riot Squad got picked up by none other than DJ Clue, inking a deal with the Desert Storm Fam along side F-A-B.

Come check me out tomorrow when we fly from NYC to Philly!!!!!!

Pass: Crank

Friday, April 07, 2006

:: MC's To Watch For In 2006 ::

Okay so check it out, this will be my last post for the week cuz I ain't gonna be up on here this weekend, so I'ma give you a little taste of what's to come next week. Each day I'ma put up 2 of the newest and freshest MC's to come out the woodwork. With the current state of hip hop, its hard to come across an MC who can actually kick a flow with decent lyrics. So without further ado here are the first 2 MC's to watch for in 2k6.

The Bootis Connection

First off let me say this is not an official release, nor is it even a mixtape. It's a compilation of all the tracks I got on this cat and trust me it's worth a listen. After first listening to this guy I couldn't BELIEVE he was from Canada - ya that's right, this guy is reppin Ottawa. With his lead single, Let Me Live, in heavy rotation on Flow 93.5 (T Dot's Urban Radio Station) Belly is ready to make his mark in the hip hop world. Unlike most Canadian hip hop artists, Belly has been able to garner the respect of many U.S. artists, such as Scarface, J.R. Writer and Loon. And with mixtapes dropped by Kay Slay, DJ Kool Kid, and Big Mike this is one Canadian MC who should not be slept on.

Propz to all my Canadian MC's, especially my boy Jon Doe from Money Won't Stop Music. Check out Belly's Website and when he drops this summer make sure to go cop that.

Pass: volume

The Bootis Connection

Next up, we got my man Red Cafe out of NYC. Many of you heard this cat on the track "All Night Long" off the Coach Carter Soundtrack, but he's been an underground mixtape king in New York for more than a minute now. This guys style is straight vicious, take no prisoners, I'ma murk you type sh*t and cats all over both coasts are lovin him for it. This here is the Whoo Kid mixtape to help promo Cafe's 2006 album release. Like it or not, NYC is taken over for the '06!!!

If you like this post you're gonna love what's comin....Next Up: Papoose & Stack Bundles!!!!!!

Pass: Canadian

Thursday, April 06, 2006

:: G.O.O.D Music - Class Of '06 Mixtape ::

The Bootis Connection

Started by Kanye West in 2k5, G.O.O.D. Music label (acronym: Getting Out Our Dreams), has already dropped John Legend's 'Get Lifted' and Common's 'Be', both platinum albums. This mixtape is to show off some of the other talent and new comers that are signed to G.O.O.D, such as GLC, Consequence, Sa-Ra and Fansworth Bentley (Yes, that scrawny guy in plaid).

Enjoy this one and all the rest and please remember to support this site. It takes almost an hour to put up each post for y'all and it takes you a whole click of the mouse and a few seconds of your time to give propz and hit some ads.

Big Up to Dally for the shout out on his site...Check this guy he puts up some ill music.

Pass: Boogaloo

:: M-1 - Confidential ::

The Bootis Connection

With two albums and two mixtapes under the belt, M-1 (one half of Dead Prez) branches off from partner Sticman for his first solo effort, Confidential. While Dead Prez is most known for their politically charged, militant PRO-black lyrics, M-1 takes a different approach; "I don’t want people to think about the usual Dead Prez...I don’t want to attract the same kind of attention that I’ve attracted in the past." Well, other than the monologues M-1 goes into at the end of 'Confidential' 'Comrades Call' and 'Too Smart' he lives up to what he says. All in all, M-1 makes a solid solo debut with Confidential and in the absence of the "I Hate Crackers" lyrics, this album has the potential to reach a new fanbase - plus we got K'Naan reppin Canada!!!!!

Pass: shoppers

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


EPMD - Acronym - Erick & Parish Making Dollars.
For all the E-Double & Parish Smith followers, here is the entire discography of the legendary EPMD. There's not much more to say about these albums other than this is hip hop in its truest form.

Password 4 all EPMD: www.bootisconnex.blogspot.com

The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection


The Bootis Connection


:: LL Cool J - Todd Smith ::

The Bootis Connection

Ok ok ok...Just leaked out last night, here is LL's 12th ALBUM!!!! While I ain't exactly been an LL fan since Momma Said Knock You Out, you can't hate on this guy for what he's doing. Nobody has been in the game as long, and NO ONE has been as successful as Cool J. With that said this album ain't for the hip hop heads - it ain't even really for dudes in general. While the first song on the album, "It's LL and Santana" is pretty sick, it's really the only bangin track. LL has taken his usual approach and has gone straight for the ladies, and he does a great job at that target market. If you like LL you'll love this album, if you like the laid back/pop/top 40's brand of hip hop this album is for you.

Todd Smith
Pass: Access

:: Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang ::

The Bootis Connection

On hiatus for the last 4 years after the disappointing "It Ain't Safe No More," Busta comes back hard with his first album, "The Big Bang," off Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint. Now for all you serious heads out there I don't even have to tell you how much work went behind this joint. Originally slated for a December '05 release and with numerous "fake" leaks, we FINALLY get the real deal and trust me it ain't a sleeper. Enlisting a team of all-star producers (Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, DJ Scratch, Sha Money XL, Green Lantern, J. Dilla-RIP, E-Double, Timbaland, and more) the beats on this album are just BONKERS.
By now anybody who listens to hip hop has heard the commercial club banger, "Touch It," but don't get it twisted, The Big Bang isn't just straight commercial hip hop bullshit. "Been Through The Storm" features the legendary Stevie Wonder, and is perhaps one of my fav tracks on the album. This joint is like Busta's track for his mom's and pop's, where he takes us back to the days when he first came to America, growing up in the ghetto and the struggles he overcame. On "Cocaina" Busta just basically breaks it down for ya like he's the SHIT (the drug that overdoses mofo's) - it's just got one of those sick headnoddin beats. And the last track I'll speak on is "Goldmine." GODDAMN!!! this track is SICK!!! it's back to the old skool Raekwon that we all fell in love with (no homo). With the beat produced by E-Dub you know its a banger, both Busta and Rae are on point with the lyrics, and if this is what these guys do together I can't WAIT for "Cuban Linx II" cuz if you don't already know, Busta is Exec Prod. on Rae's new shit.

Definately check this album, and if you like it, which I KNOW you will, go cop that at your local music store on June 13...let's support artists who actually put out quality music and take the time to perfect their shit, so we don't have to skip every other track!


01) "Get You Some" (featuring Q-Tip & Marsha of Floetry) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
02) "Touch It" (Produced By Swizz Beatz)
03) "This Is How We Do It Over Here" (featuring Missy Elliott) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
04) "New York Shit" (featuring Swizz Beatz) (Produced By DJ Scratch)
05) "Been Through The Storm" (featuring Stevie Wonder) (Produced By Sha Money XL)
06) "In the Ghetto" (featuring Rick James) (Produced By DJ Green Lantern)
07) "Cocaina" (featuring Marsha of Floetry) (Produced By Rick Rock)
08) "You Can't Hold a Torch" (featuring Q-Tip & Chauncey Black) (Produced By J Dilla)
09) "Goldmine" (featuring Raekwon) (Produced By Erick Sermon)
10) "I Love My Bitch" (featuring Kelis & will.i.am) (Produced By will.i.am)
11) "Don't Get Carried Away" (featuring Nas) (Produced By Dr. Dre)
12) "They're Out to Get Me" (featuring Mr. Porter) (Produced By Denaun Porter)
13) "Get Down" (Produced By Timbaland)
14) "I'll Do It All" (featuring LaToya Jackson) (Produced By Jelly Roll)
15) "Legend of the Fall Offs" (Produced By Dr. Dre)

Bonus Tracks:

16) I Love My Bitch Remix (featuring Kelis)
17) I'll Hurt You
18) Ping
19) Rough Around The Edges (featuring Nas)
20) Touch It Remix (featuring DMX)
21) Where's Your Money? (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard)

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