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Friday, April 07, 2006

:: MC's To Watch For In 2006 ::

Okay so check it out, this will be my last post for the week cuz I ain't gonna be up on here this weekend, so I'ma give you a little taste of what's to come next week. Each day I'ma put up 2 of the newest and freshest MC's to come out the woodwork. With the current state of hip hop, its hard to come across an MC who can actually kick a flow with decent lyrics. So without further ado here are the first 2 MC's to watch for in 2k6.

The Bootis Connection

First off let me say this is not an official release, nor is it even a mixtape. It's a compilation of all the tracks I got on this cat and trust me it's worth a listen. After first listening to this guy I couldn't BELIEVE he was from Canada - ya that's right, this guy is reppin Ottawa. With his lead single, Let Me Live, in heavy rotation on Flow 93.5 (T Dot's Urban Radio Station) Belly is ready to make his mark in the hip hop world. Unlike most Canadian hip hop artists, Belly has been able to garner the respect of many U.S. artists, such as Scarface, J.R. Writer and Loon. And with mixtapes dropped by Kay Slay, DJ Kool Kid, and Big Mike this is one Canadian MC who should not be slept on.

Propz to all my Canadian MC's, especially my boy Jon Doe from Money Won't Stop Music. Check out Belly's Website and when he drops this summer make sure to go cop that.

Pass: volume

The Bootis Connection

Next up, we got my man Red Cafe out of NYC. Many of you heard this cat on the track "All Night Long" off the Coach Carter Soundtrack, but he's been an underground mixtape king in New York for more than a minute now. This guys style is straight vicious, take no prisoners, I'ma murk you type sh*t and cats all over both coasts are lovin him for it. This here is the Whoo Kid mixtape to help promo Cafe's 2006 album release. Like it or not, NYC is taken over for the '06!!!

If you like this post you're gonna love what's comin....Next Up: Papoose & Stack Bundles!!!!!!

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