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Monday, July 31, 2006

:: The Ultimate Onyx Post ::

The Bootis Connection

It's been a while since the last Ultimate post so I figured I'd throw out one of my fav groups of the early 90's. Onyx is a hardcore rap group which formed in 1989 with members: Fredro Starr, Sonee Seeza, and Big DS. In 93 the group added Sticky Fingaz, perhaps the most prominent of the group as well as Fredro's cousin, and signed with the late Jam Master Jay to his JMJ records. Their first album, Bacdafucup, was definately their most commercially successful release, took only one month to go platinum (if you remember correctly back in the early 90's it wasnt that easy sell 1 million as a rapper/group). With club anthems like "Slam" and "Throw Ya Gunz," the bald headed bastards made a name for themselves both in the streets with the thugs, as well as in the clubs with all the party-goers. The follow up to their critically acclaimed debut met with some harsh criticism. In my opinion All We Got Iz Us was the best Onyx album ever, however critics werent feelin the darker, more violent and graphic nature of the lyrics. After the release of Shut Em Down, the group split, leaving their record label, Def Jam, and began persuing solo careers in music and movies (Sticky Fingaz and Fredro). Onyx came back together in '02 to drop another LP, however, in '03, they suffered the loss of founding member Big DS, and while he was only featured on a few tracks off Bacadafucup and none after, Big DS played a pivotal role in the early years.

With the last 2 releases, Bacadafucup II & Triggernometry, being poor in sales as well as quality, I'm hopin that they can bounce back in 2006 with "The Black Rock." Also look out for X-1, Sticky's brother. He was featured a little on Shut Em Down, as well as, Sticky's solo joints, but yo this kid is like the long lost 4th member of the crew.

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1993 - Bacdafucup

1995 - All We Got Iz Us

1998 - Shut 'Em Down

2000 - Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones (Sticky Fingaz Solo Joint) & Pt. II

2001 - Firestarr (Fredro Solo Joint)

2002 - Bacdafucup Part II

2003 - Decade (Sticky Fingaz Solo Joint)

2003 - Don't Get Mad, Get Money (Fredro Solo Joint)

2003 - Triggernometry

Thursday, July 27, 2006

:: Tracks Ive Been Bumpin ::

Hey all...I know Ive been kinda MIA for a lil while now, but I want to let you all know that The Bootis Connection is still up and running, Ive just been RIDICULOUSLY busy. I know this isnt my usual type of post, but seeing as tho there hasn't really been any new 3.5+ Buddah worthy albums dropped, I figured Id just hit you off with some new, old and some underground isshh that has been keepin my ears and mind stimulated for a minute.


1. The Coup Ft Black Thought And Talib Kweli (4:37)
Ill track with a crazy beat and some nice conscious hip hop

2. Big L - Devil's Son (3:56)
Oldie but goodie...dude must have been possessed when writing this shit

3. Boot Camp Clik - Let's Go (prod. by ILLMIND) (4:02)
BCC nuff said

4. Papoose - Menace To Society Part 2 (6:57)
Breaks down the second half of the movie...crazy idea

5. YoReL - We Fall & We Rise (feat Christina) (3:01)
Baddass underground track...bought this cats mixtape off the streets when in NYC

6. Papoose - the boyz in the hood (4:22)
More illin Pap lyrics...beat from the movie

7. Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language (3:52)
The originator of the scratchy voice...crazy rhymin skills

8. Boot Camp Clik - Take A Look (In The Mirror) (prod. by 9th Wonder) (4:00)
BCC & 9th wonder together??? damnnnnnnn

9. YoReL - Game World (3:48)
Another crazy concept track...man I love video games :)

10. Scarface - Hand On The Dead Body (Ft Ice Cube) (3:52)
Oldie but definate goodie

11. Royal Flush - Worldwide (3:12)
Amazing beat...old track outta Queens NY

12. Obie Trice - Obie Story (3:55)
Nice slow meaningful track from Obie...off da new joint Second

13. Yung Joc feat. Lil' Wayne & Paul Wall - It's Goin Down (3:27)
Don't like Joc, but the beat is BANGIN, and Im definately a Weezy fan (no homo)

14. Pharoahe Monch - Agent Orange (feat. Sa-Ra) (4:08)
Old unreleased Pharoahe track, but damn this song is hard

15. Drake - City Is Mine (3:10)
Reppin my hometown of T.O. HARDDDDD!!!

16. Jae Millz - My Swag (3:37)
Nice Scott Storch beat...the new age of Dipset...him and JR need take over and let Jimmy and Cam retire LOL

17. Ludacris - War With God (3:10)
New Luda...now who do YOU think he's beefin with in this track?? TI, Flip, himself, who knows!!

18. Ludacris - Tell It Like It Is (3:59)
New Luda off Release Therapy...dope track

19. Raekwon Ft Nas - Brother's Keeper (2:32)
Rae & Nas...tell me you aint excited for Cuban Link II

20. The Game - One Blood (4:14)
Sick sample of Junior Reid, can't wait for Game to drop his new joint...really hope he doesnt bomb the sophmore...dude needs to leave that 50 beef alone and just focus on taking over the GAME

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

:: X-Ecutioners Discography ::

The Bootis Connection

From 11 members, to 4, and now down to 3, the X-Ecutioners are perhaps the most well known and respected DJ'ing group in the world. So for all those who don't know and for all those that do, Bootis connects you to Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Total Eclipse, and Mista Sinista

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1997 - X-Pressions

2002 - Built From Scratch

2003 - Scratchology

2004 - Revolutions

2005 - General Patton Vs. The X-Ecutioners
Link wasn't working...will try to fix asap

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

:: Boot Camp Clik - The Last Stand (Advance) ::

The Bootis Connection

OH MY GOD!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am about this album. Don't EVER say Bootis doesnt connect you with some of the best new, old and pre-released ISHH. The Boot Camp Clik is back in full effect with all the original Great 8 members (Buckshot, Tek, Steele, Louieville Sluggah, Top Dogg, Starang Wondah, Ruck, and the return of ROCK!!!). Now, before we go further I must advise you all that this is an ADVANCE copy and not the retail...the difference being, this copy has some cat saying "Duck Down Records Presents The Boot Camp Clik, The Last Stand July 18, 2006" during some of the tracks....so for all you diehards out there, this will keep you goin and wet those appetites til the official release date.

The post before this I complained about MC's half assin their albums and not droppin 'em full of hot ishh; however, Boot Camp has NEVER been such a group to do so and this album is further evidence. Stickin with what works, the BCC follows their consistent head nodding super clean NYC style production, along with crazy ass lyrics. The only thing really that seperates this BCC joint from others, is that they recruited a variety of producers rather than 'Da Beatminerz" exclusively producing. While Da Beatminerz do hold it down on a regular, I think it was a smart moveto bring in a little twist. The Last Stand boasts production from the one and only 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Ill Mind, Large Professor, Marco Polo, of course Da Beatminerz, as well as others.

On the track 'Let's Go' Buckshot sets it off reppin for 2Pac and lettin us know that he hasn't lost his touch and the BCC is always gonna pop off with the realness, "We stomp through, so many rap wars and rap awards, Boot Camp Clik been on your front line blastin off, and hardly got props for it, I saw it, even though we never got big we never stopped short, Pac saw it that's why he called us, to form ONE NATION on the world to see more of us."

Fortunately, this album WILL NOT go mainstream, and while these 8 great MC's won't see the financial gains like the 50 cent's and the other homo rappers out there, they will always get the props and support from the real hip hop heads who appreciate GOOD hip hop...note to all up and coming MC's...not every rhyme has to be about money, hoes and murder...you can make an ill track through metaphor, intellect, poetry and always some good old comedy/shit talkin.

Boot Camp has always repped hard for NYC and now is a better time than ever for this kinda joint to drop cuz New York MC's have to bring the art back and start doing it big the way it was in the golden years of the 90's.


01) Here We Come [Produced by 9th Wonder]
02) Let's Go [Produced by Illmind]
03) Yeah [Produced by Marco Polo]
04) Hate All You Want [Produced by Marco Polo]
05) Don't You Cross The Line [Produced by SIC Beats]
06) 1-2-3 [Produced by Pete Rock]
07) Take A Look In The Mirror [Produced by 9th Wonder]
08) He Gave His Life [Produced by Marco Polo]
09) Trading Places [Produced by Ken BB]
10) But Tha Game Iz Still Tha Same [Produced by Da Beatminerz]
11) So Focused [Produced by 9th Wonder]
12) Everybody Knows Now [Produced by Coptic]
13) World Wide BCC [Produced by Large Professor]
14) Souljah [Produced by Attic]

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Monday, July 10, 2006

:: Slowly, But Surely ::

Hey all...as promised Im back this week. For now here are some of the other QB albums that weren't posted before. I don't know wuts goin on with that post or who the EFF it is that has a problem, but some mofo has reported a whole bunch of my links so they have been removed off rapidshare...Im sorry if you don't agree with the sharing of music, but don't spoil it for the people who like to peep new or old ishh which they may not have heard of...if you dont like it then dont come here or anywhere else offering music. Im not saying that people shud come to my site, download all they want and never support artists. All Im trying to do here is share some GOOD worthy hip hop, to people that may otherwise not know of. By all means, if you like what you hear then go out and buy the album u downloaded...if not then feel free to keep it, listen to the one or two tracks that are good and be done with it...im sick of MC's puttin out B.S. albums with a few good tracks along with mostly fillers and skits, expecting fans to go out and pay $15+.

Bravehearts - Bravehearted

Bars N Hooks - The Most Notorious

Nature - For All Seasons

Saturday, July 08, 2006

:: Down But Not Out ::

What Up Y'all!!

Im sorry I havent posted anything in about hmmmmm 2 weeks now LOL, but first my comp crashed, then I was out of town and also just got a lil lazy. No worries tho, I'll be back next week to finish up that QB post and to drop some new crazy shit on ur heads.
I know Im about 2 weeks late, but I just wanted to shout out Dally...ur blog was dope and will be missed bro.

Peace til next week!!!!
Bootis Out_____________________________