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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

:: The Ultimate Dead Prez Post ::

The Bootis Connection

I know I am a day late, but as promised here is the next installment of Bootis' Ultimate Posts...Dead Prez!!

Known most for their politically charged lyrics, Dead Prez have been in the game for a while now trying to educate the hip hop generation. Made up of 2 members, Sticman and M-1, Dead Prez joined forces in 1990 at Florida A&M. Yes folks, these cats ain't the uneducated (street) thugs we so often read about and see all over the small screen...these in fact are some educated men. While most artists are worried about the hoes, the cars and the almighty dollar bill, Dead Prez have made it a point to exploit the exploiters in the business. Whether it be tackling topics of racism, governmental hypocrisy or perhaps their most notable "control over the media outlets that provide us" music and entertainment.

Getting their upstart on Loud Records, it was difficult for 2 fairly unknown rappers to break through and get the attention they deserved. Think about it, back in the mid-90's who were YOU more likely to listen to, Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep or some guys talkin bout politikin and ishhh??

Anyway, somewhere around '99-2G everyone who is anyone in hip hop quickly found out who these guys were and knew they meant business with the drop of "Hip Hop" Following the release of the single, their debut album, Let's Get Free, dropped. While sales weren't chart toppers, this album is known as a classic amongst true heads.

After obvious political and label drama (Loud Records fold) DP went out and dropped their 2nd piece of work...an independent mixtape called Turn Off Your Radio Vol. 1 in 2002. To this day I'm STILL bumpin the title track...ILL to say the least, you gotta check it out for yourself though....

what's on the radio, propaganda, mind control
and turnin it on is like puttin on a blindfold,
cuz when you bring the real, you don't get rotation,
unless you take over the station!!

In 2k3, the year of 5-0 snitch, DP came up with the follow up mixtape, Get Free Or Die Tryin (Turn Off The Radio The Mixtape Vol 2). While not meant to be a stab at the G-Unit general, at least not known to the general public, I think DP got the point across that they weren't nethin like that bullissshh...when they say "Turn off the Radio, Turn off that bullisshh" you know what kinda hip hop they're talkin about.

Nearly 4 years since they revealed the Matrix to mainstream hip hop, DP settled their label issues and dropped, Revolutionary But Gangsta, or RBG. Some 'fans' criticized DP for becoming too 'gangsta' on RBG, leaving behind their "revolutionary" lyrics that they made a career out of. If you ask me, these 'fans' completeley missed the point of this album. While not as good as say Let's Get Free, this album was more of an extension of them as people, as rappers. I think the title is very appropriate...I may be down for the revolution, but don't fuck with me cause I can still bust your skull....I may be educated, but I still gotta do what I gotta do and if you hold me down cause of my race, I'll bust your skull!
People have to remember, M-1 and Sticman may be educated, may have deep lyrics, but they are still street....the people that listen to them are street...the people they wish to educate and speak to are street....use your head!

Now that I'm done my little rant I'll just put you on to some music. I have included M-1's solo joint for those of you who don't have it yet. I have already spoke on this back when it dropped so I ain't gonna repeat myself...its different but dope leave it at that. As well I have included the album Dead Prez collaborated with Outlawz (2pac's old crew) which dropped this summer. Check it out, gimme your thoughts, to tell you the truth I haven't played it more than once, not cause it wasn't good, because I haven't had the time.

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2000 - Let's Get Free

2002 - Turn Off The Radio Vol. 1

2003 - Get Free Or Die Tryin (Turn Off The Radio Vol. 2)

2004 - Revolutionary But Gangsta

M-1 - 2006 - Confidential

DP & Outlawz - 2006 - Can't Sell Dope Forever

Until next time peoples...Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

:: Let's Get Rich Whaat ::

What's up people!! I hope you are still enjoyin all that Roots music I dropped on ya ;) I have decided, since I am too busy to update this thing on a daily, or even weekly for that matter, The Bootis Connection will now be EXCLUSIVELY dropping Ultimate posts; I'm hoping bi-weekly. The next one should be ready next week (Sept. 18th) so make sure to come thru to see what's next on the list.

In the meantime, I figured I'd put somethin down for the peeps who come thru here as part of their daily routine. First on the menu, well...you see the title of the post, you hear the track playin on the youtube "Let's get rich whaat..." so ya first up lets talk money. Now before I even begin, DO NOT get it twisted. I ain't trying to sell anyone on some bullisshh or be one of those annoyin a$$ bloggers tryin to spamm you.

As you may have noticed, in the last month or so I added a casino banner down the right side of my page. A buddy of mine put me on to dis online casinos in the summer and I've been playing since. Now, I figured, I'm playin on this isshh, I got my own site, why not advertise the casino and make some money out of it?? If you like gamblin and all that then you should check it out. The games are fun, its free to download or you can play on flash, its free to play (if you don't want to play for real $$) and most importantly its secure!

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And now I bid thee goodbye....only til next week when I drop the ULTIMATE INSERT NAME HERE post!


Monday, September 04, 2006

:: The Ultimate Roots Post ::

As you can see The Bootis Connection is STILL up and runnin and its thanks to all the love and support I have received through emails and the comment section in the last few days. I couldn't believe it...100+ comments in like 3 days?? Never knew headz were coming through my little spot here like that...its pretty dope to know that peoples fron the globe swing by my spot to see what I'm throwing up.

So anyway, I'm here to stay and lets continue on with the next Ultimate post...The Legendary Roots Crew!!

The Bootis Connection

The year, 1987... The place, Philadelphia... The group, The Legendary Roots Crew. Whether you like hip hop or not, everyone who hears The Roots instantly gains a certain respect and admiration for these dudes. Known for their unique ability to combine the soul and rhythm of a jazz band with the raw lyrical artform of rap, The Roots have been moving crowds for nearly 2 decades now. With 9 LP's under the belt this group has had their far share of ups and downs, plus group drama, but to this day are one of the few hip hop groups from back in the day that still produce relevant FIRE!!

Joiming forces in 1987, The original Roots members included, Black Thought, ?uestlove, Malik B, Hubb, and Scott Storch (yeah thats right, Storch the producer got his start with The Roots!!). What many people don't know is that while The Roots are from Philly, around 1992 they upped and left to London England and began performing across Europe.

In order to get by they recorded and released the now infamous black album, Organix, which went on to sell 150,000. With an independant release like that you know it wasn't long before labels were bangin down the doors. The band signed with DGC Records, went back to the states and released Do You Want More?!!!??! in 1995. While it may have been one of the best Roots albums to date, it did't receive too much love as headz just weren't ready yet.

One year later, enter Illadelph...Oooooweeee...now this album was one for the ages. This was the joint that brought the crew to the forefront of rap, earning their first Billboard position. With tracks like Clones, Sections and What They Do, this album is a MUST have for any hip hop lover.

After a 3 year hiatus and rumours of a break up, the Roots came hard in 1999 with the release of Things Fall Apart. Many people will remember this album for the contoversial cover art, or should I say cover artS. Five front covers were released for this album, all depicting eye opening images of sadness and disaster, from a dead man's bloody hand to a crying child.

After the success of Things Fall Apart and lending their musical genius to Jay-Z for his MTV unplugged score, The Roots Crew were under pressure. They released Phrenology in '03 and to the dismay of many fans, parted away from the typical jazzy sound to a more rock/electronica feel. Not my cup of tea, but hey it was an experiment... either hate it or love it!

2004 brought The Tipping Point for The Roots. Not only the title of their album, but the name spoke words for what was going down behind the scenes. DJ Scratch left the group and Geffen, their label at the time, was giving them issues and demanding more album sales. The result was the most commercial album to date. While The Roots went back to their jazzy feel style, I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed with this record. It just didn't feel right.

Prsent day... Game Theory. This album touches straight on the political mess of the USA today. This is the first joint off Jay-z's Def Jam, and its a goodie for me, I love this album. I won't ruin it for ya'll so I'll just stop there... trust me and go buy this shit...its dope!!!

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1993 - Organix

1995 - Do You Want More?!!!??!

1996 - Illadelph Halflife

1999 - Things Fall Apart

1999 - The Roots Come Alive***Need Link***

2003 - Phrenology

2004 - Do This Well Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999 Disc 1 & Disc 2 & Disc 3

2004 - The Tipping Point

2005 - Home Grown The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Roots & Disc 2

2006 - Game Theory

Enjoy Biiiitchess~~~