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Monday, April 03, 2006

:: Da Newz ::

  • Apparently, Suge Knight of the Infamous Death Row records may lose EVERYTHING in the next few days. Over the last year Suge has had numerous problems with the label. In 2005, he was taken to court and ordered to pay $107 Million to Lydia Harris, a woman who helped jump start the label but was forced out when sh*t got hot. Tomorrow (April 4th), Death Row Records and all its assets (including its entire music catalogue) will be seized by the courts and for not appearing to hearings regarding this matter my land Suge's ass back behind bars, charged with contempt.
  • So you remember that hip hop magazine that we all used to read like the bible back in the day?? Remember the clown who ran it? No not Benzino the other clown. Well rumour has it that Dave Mays was partyin it up in Miami (G-d knows why seeing as tho he just lost his life's work) when he ran into Busta Rhymes. As the rumour goes, the 2 got into some words resulting in 1 broken champagne bottle and 50 stitches to the head. I'll let you guess who got the worse end of that battle.
  • Last but not least, Bad Boy artist Black Rob was just recently sentenced to 7 years in the slammer. Black Rob, most known for his smash "Whoa!" only recently dropped his sophomore LP "The Black Rob Report" in 2005, got arrested and charged back in 2004 for burlary and possession of stolen property. Rob and some next guy broke into a hotel suite in NYC and stole $6000 in jewelry and $300 cash from a women's pocketbook, but were both caught on the hotel security camera's. After dodgin po-po for the last few months, they finally caught up to him...Damn Rob 7 years for some ice, you got 2 albums dropped under Puff and you gotta go purse snatchin???


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