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Monday, April 03, 2006

:: Pharrell Williams & DJ Drama - In My Mind: The Prequel ::

The Bootis Connection

In My Mind Prequel

I haven't even checked this out yet so if it's sh*t then I apologize in advance for posting it. I just figured its new, most ppl won't have heard it or heard of it so here it is. Enjoy!!


Anonymous Nana said...

Pharrell can't rap a fucking chrsitmas gift. This dude should stick to making beats because he couldn't kick a rap if it was attached to his foot.

Generally speaking, on a mix tape your goal should be to outshine the original tracks (exhibit A: We got it for cheap vol. 2*). But Pharrell chose to try and rap over GZA, GMF and the Furious 5, Eric B and Rakim? c'mon.

*edit: on we got it 4 cheap vol 2. the only tracks that aren't better then the original are the Common, Outkast and Ghostface but 17/20 is a good look.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Seems that they are both deleted, can u maybe reupkload somwhere?


12:13 PM  

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