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Thursday, June 01, 2006

:: Nicolay - The Dutch Masters Vol. 1 ::

The Bootis Connection

Just to hold you off until I get that Busta album upped, here's Nicolay (Producer of Justus League, Little Brother, Etc) mixtape The Dutch Masters. Been lookin for this for a while and my man Scoop hooked it up so BIG UPS to Scoop.


1. Intro - (with Phonte/The Foreign Exchange)
2. Fantastic - (remix, with Thyrday)
3. Light It Up - (remix, with Little Brother)
4. Blessing, The - (with SouL)
5. Williams, The - (remix, with Supastition)
6. Nic's Groove - (Remixes Blend, with The Foreign Exchange)
7. 1st Date - (with Von Pea)
8. Love Life Music - (remix, with Eye Plus Eye)
9. I Can't Wait - (remix, with Jaguar Wright/Bilal)
10. So Far - (remix, with Illwill/Jameeze)
11. It's Us - (remix, with Living Legends)
12. Hold Me Down - (with Gridlock Fam)
13. Metropolis (Dodge City Anthem) - (with Mr. Shhhhh)
14. Globetrotters - (remix, with Pig/Ear2ear)
15. Hold On - (remix, with Science Fiction)
16. All That You Are - (Remixes Blend, with The Foreign Exchange)
17. Come Close - (remix, with Common/Mary J. Blige)